People Say Life is Funny

14 May

It isn’t.

Moments in life are funny. Life itself is not. Life is hard and no one comes out alive.

There is always a struggle of some kind. Those with stars in their eyes may say that is what makes the funny stuff so much funnier. I think those people are blind and in severe pain from all of the stars in their eyes to know what the hell they are talking about.

It is true that some folks clearly have an easier go of it in life than others, but it is also true that no one is happy 100% of the time. We all worry about something, some of use worry more than others about things we probably shouldn’t worry so much about. Anxiety is’t funny. It isn’t fun. The only good thing that potentially comes from it is weight loss.

I have a job where funny things sometimes happen. Usually though they are stupid things and we laugh at them anyway and then I want to cry because I laughed at something so stupid.

I have a puppy and she is funny because her personality is developing and she is still clumsy and trips and falls a lot. Sometimes I feel bad for laughing because she is just learning and then the “I’m a fucking wretched person” guilt sets in.

Amy Schumer is funny. She is funny because satirizes real life bullshit that should not have to be satirized to draw attention. Rape should not have to be a joke to have proper attention paid. Sexism should not have to be satirized. So on. So yes, Amy Schumer makes fun of these things to give them the serious attention they deserve.

Life isn’t funny. It’s really just one big shit show where we try to avoid being hit with the name sake event.


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