Mean Girls

5 Sep

mean girlsImage courtesy of Google

This is a great movie and I adore it. Of course it’s satirical and that means there is a heavy dose of truth in it.

Girls in high school can be mean. Some are total bitches, especially if you don’t wear the right clothes or don’t have a boyfriend on the football team, or don’t drive the right kind of car.

Working in a high school, I see a lot of this. Girls are mean to other girls just because they can be. Girls form cliques whose total function becomes to exclude other girls.

Now, you may think, “Elle, was a total mean girl.” And you’d be wrong. So very, very wrong.

I was not cool in high school. My parents were strict and I didn’t have much freedom. I didn’t live in the cool neighborhoods. My parents weren’t native to our town. I wasn’t in the “in crowd”.
What I did (do) have is confidence.

Even in a small school, like where I teach, girls are cliquish and most of it is purely based on how cute your clothes are and how many sports you play.

Girls are mean, and while it’s not fun if you’re on the wrong end of the mean, I really believe it’s the nature of the teenage girl. Aaaand it often carries over to adult women. Now, the only way to prevent the mean girls from having any power is to let the “uncool” girls know that they are just as good.
Instilling self-esteem in young girls is the only answer.


One Response to “Mean Girls”

  1. Kateri Terese 05/09/2013 at 20:07 #

    Word. Of course, this is coming from a borderline “mean girl”. I was never “excluded” but I made damn sure to make it known I didn’t give a flying fuck if I was- ergo, a meanness all in its own. I don’t have any girls to raise, I think I’ll go find me one to mentor…or not.

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