Faking it

9 Aug

I’m tired of faking it.

I have yet to see the value in not being completely honest in our everyday lives. People are different. We have different ideas and opinions. That’s okay. It might not always be pleasant, but it’s okay.

How many times are you having a shitty day and when someone asks, “How are you?” and you feel compelled to simply say, “Fine,”? I hate having to lie in order to uphold some kind meaningless social nicety. The crappiest part of this kind of exchange is realizing what would happen if you actually said, “You know what? I’m terrible. I hate this day and nothing is going right,”? Shit would hit the fan and the other person would likely give you a dirty look and think ill of you.

I hate that!

What about when you have to pretend to enjoy something that is tedious, awful, and/or boring? Being in these kinds of situations actually makes me retch a bit. Of course I could have to hide that too.

When a superior offers an idea that is clearly ridiculous and ineffective, why do we have to quietly go along with it or risk losing our jobs? How is that serving anyone?

I’ve previously commented on the shittiness that is small talk. I think faking it kind of falls into the same category.

I don’t want people to ask me how my summer was when they don’t care and if I were to say, “I don’t feel like talking about it,” I would be labeled as a bitch or weird. Why? Because I’m honest? Because I don’t feel the need to converse about unimportant things?

How about when someone in your presence is behaving like an idiot, or worse, saying stupid things? Why isn’t it acceptable to say, “Hey, you’re a stupid jackass. Shut up!”? I mean really, how is letting an idiot have verbal free reign more socially acceptable?

When someone makes a terrible choice and you feel obligated to support them in their choice; I really hate faking that kind of support/happiness. 

I really hate having to pretend to like someone, or be nice to them even if they are the biggest prick in the room. I don’t like when people are fake nice to me. I’d much rather have someone avoid me or tell me to fuck off if they don’t like me than them faking congeniality.

Some will say this makes the world a better and nicer place. I wholeheartedly disagree with this assertion; I really think it makes people resentful and pent up.

The only exception to this is if you are given a gift; you should never show your distaste or displeasure with a gift or the giver.

Weigh in below on things you hate faking.


One Response to “Faking it”

  1. Kateri Peterson 24/08/2013 at 22:00 #

    I concur! On all points! Bravo!

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