Here comes the bride………again.

29 Jul

Courtesy of i305.photobucket


This is something that is seriously tacky and gross. The practice of couples getting married in a quick JOP ceremony and then having a “real” wedding at a later date is just classless and crass.

You should get married because you want to be married; tied to that one special person you can’t imagine life without. The marriage is about what comes after your wedding day, not the actual day itself. When people have a simple wedding at the courthouse or drive thru wedding chapel in Vegas, I think it’s great and a smart use of resources.  When those same people then plan a “real” wedding complete with the crying flower girl, dance floor, fancy dinner, and thousands of wasted dollars in ugly flowers and tacky bridesmaid dresses, it screams “Gift Grab”.

Spare me the reasons for getting married quickly, but still wanting a ” real” wedding. None of them will change my mind. If you want to get married and can only afford a JOP wedding, then have a JOP wedding and enjoy your lives together, or save the money to finance your dream nuptial ceremony.

It’s really a simple concept. Additionally, planning a “real” wedding is stressful and aggravating.

Just my piece and just like you, I don’t care what your opinion is on the matter.



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