This has been one effing summer…

19 Jun

Man has been suffering from a terrible side effect from a medication, that unfortunately has a very long half life. This side effect took more than two weeks to correctly diagnose. I can’t tell you how many times we were in the ER, doctor’s offices, and umpteen calls to the nurse before the issue was finally diagnosed. 

This has basically consumed my summer break thus far. I am not sure I have ever been more exhausted than when we were in the thick of the symptoms a couple of weeks ago. Both Man and I were walking Zombies and he didn’t want me leaving his side, or the house. It was as if he was scared to be without me. That meant I wasn’t able to get out even to go to the grocery store. 

Anyway, he is seemingly on the mend and I have spent a few hours in my pool. We are starting to finish the work on our kitchen that I started last summer. I’ll be excited to have it completed. 

The rest of the summer doesn’t seem to hold much of anything to look forward to, but I will take low key over what we have had thus far. 


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