20 May
Following the death of Gidget, a dear coworker was empathizing with me one day. She mentioned that I probably wouldn’t ever get another dog. I shook my head and reminded her we have two others and when the time is right, I will get another one. Coworker seemed surprised at this, which confused me as she knows what a dog lover I am. 
She began to explain:Coworker said she believes you get one really great dog in your lifetime. Everyone is granted one by the universe if they choose to accept it. 
This idea was interesting to me, but I don’t hold the same belief. Following our conversation, I mulled over her words and tried to mesh them with my own thoughts and beliefs about the role pets play in our lives. I reached the conclusion that when we have dogs, they serve a purpose for that season of your life. 
For example, with Gidget, she came to me following college and a break up. She was there with me through my marriage, the early years and the trials and general hell that came along with Man’s illnesses. She comforted me when no one else could. She guided me through the roughest part of my life. She was supposed to be my guide in this season. She served me so well. 
With her passing, I believe that the season in my life is changing. The bad is over and there is much good to come. At some point in this season I will likely get another canine life guide, or perhaps one of the two I still have will fill that role. Either way, I am pretty confident and certainly comforted by the fact that I will always have a the right dog for the current season of my life. 
Of course, Gidget was my first, and I know that she is still holding my heart, and I am certain that she will instruct any future seasonal guides on how to do things right to keep me going. 
So, what do you guys think? Do you get just one? Or one for each season of your life? Leave me comments. I love them!

One Response to “Thoughts?”

  1. christa 21/05/2013 at 04:19 #

    I totally think it is true. Just like people come in to our lives for a reason at a certain time, for a season. You’ll find another, when the timing in right, and he/she will be in your life for another reason.
    ps. so jealous that you are done school this week 🙂

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