Girl Time?

16 Mar

No worries, male readers, this isn’t a post about menstruation. We don’t like it either, okay?

No, this is a post about my self actualization that sprung into my conscious mind today as I was going to run errands. Alone. 

I realized that I have no girlfriends to do girlfriendy stuff with. I have no one to grab coffee with; no one to just hang out with and chat about nonsensical bullshit. 

You see, my two best friends live far away. They have for a long time. 

My friends nearby include my sister, my cousin, my husband’s cousin’s wife, and that’s pretty much it. They all have kids that occupy a good deal of their time; I don’t. I don’t fit in. Today I asked my sister what she was doing today and she told me she was going to some kid zone place with my niece, her friend and her daughter, and my cousin and her daughter. She asked if I wanted to go. I declined. I would have had absolutely zero to talk about with them and they would have been preoccupied with their girls anyway.

It seems like I am in that weird place as a 29 plus two year old woman, who doesn’t have a kid and who doesn’t enjoy drinking and getting stupid in bars. 

It’s a shitty place. I do have several cool chicks that I visit with online whom I’ve met on various retreats and such, but they are far away. Sorry girls, but chatting on Facebook isn’t the same as going out for coffee and pedicure. 

I know I should make an effort to give my two best friends phone calls, but it seems like I never have the energy when I think about it and then I fear that phone calls would be awkward. Ugh. The internet has ruined my socialization skills. 



One Response to “Girl Time?”

  1. christa 17/03/2013 at 08:27 #

    I love that you are 29+2. That makes me 29+7. Yikes!! I love girlfriend time, and a lot of my girlfriends have kids, but thankfully they have babysitters and husbands who will keep the kiddos. call your best friends!

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