Miscellany (basically a lot of crap)

18 Feb



So it’s President’s Day and we are out of school. Even though I voted to make up the snow day today, I am glad I was outvoted.

This last week has been weird. And long. Really long.

Last week I began realizing that I was getting fat. Not like “Oh, I ate too much this weekend,” but like “These pants fit last month, what the hell is going on?” After some research, thinking and conferring, I realized that is most likely the antidepressant I was put on at the end of November. I’ve seriously put on 15 or more pounds since then. I’m off the AD on the okay from my doctor, so hopefully I won’t gain anymore, but now I have to work on taking those nightmarish pounds off.

Low carb it is. Amitriptyline has a reputation for carb cravings that subsequently cause weight gain. Fantastic. I wish I would have known this before taking it. I have a sugar addiction as it is. This definitely made it worse. My doctor said I could probably quit cold turkey since I was on a fairly low dose. Fine with me. I stopped taking it Thursday night and by Friday night I was in bed with muscle aches, fever, chills, headache. I thought I was going through withdrawals. Fever spiked and a dry cough developed.

That wasn’t withdrawals. It was flu. Yes, I had a flu shot. No, I’m not lying. Yes, it was much less severe because I had the shot. No, it didn’t cause my head to congest. Yes, it bypassed my head entirely and has settled nicely in my chest. Shit. I still feel like satan’s asshole, but at least I am mobile today.

Moving on. I missed my regular Thursday post and Friday post. Those will have to wait until next week. I’m too tired and too busy to think about those right now.

On the horizon for my area is a potentially large winter storm, due to hit Wednesday night. At this time it is unclear what form the precipitation will take. Fine. I just want snow days Thursday and Friday.

I desperately need to shower and run into town for a few things. Namely, sandwich bags. I always forget to buy those and then we run out at the most inopportune time.

Ugh. Anyway, wrapping up for now. I might be back later on to give you faithful readers some kind of controversy on which to chew.


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