Woe is the day

11 Feb

That is Monday.

You know that part in the movie Office Space?

The one where Peter is repeatedly accused of having a case of the Mondays? Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel today. I woke up on time after a short but deep sleep, decided I would actually attempt to look presentable for work, so I made myself late by curling the mop.

I almost left the house without my coffee. That would have been catastrophic. I got to work knowing that I had a bajillion copies to make. Oh, and when I got into my classroom this morning, it was a bit like the arctic, much different than the usual portal to hell. I hate being cold much worse than being hot.

Anyway, my hair looked good, got some compliments, but by midday the frizz had taken over and I didn’t feel so confident.

In other news, my freshmen are finishing up Romeo and Juliet (hence the blog title) and we began watching the film today. I love the movie, the 1996 version with Claire Danes, kids seem confused by it. So weird, the generational disconnect.

Anyway, it appears Man is on the mend from his cold, but he’s still resting.

I’m jonesing with anxiety of an unknown root today. It blows. Speaking of blowing, I need to make a hair appointment. The mane is a mess, not even a hot one.
Today is just a weird day all around. I’m not sure what’s coming next, but it will involve exercising until my head is clear.

I have no idea why the majority of this post is in italics.


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