Sunday funday?

10 Feb

Okay, not a funday.
Friday afternoon, I began feeling like crapola. Around noon Man texted me to tell me that he had a nasty cold. Effin’ great.
With my body dragging and head pounding, I went to the grocery store after work to pick up cold meds and comfort foods.

By comfort foods, I mean sugar and fat laden grub. Cookies, chips, frozen crap. Of course this totally thrown my body into a tizzy, so back to good, low carb grindage tomorrow.
I had every intention of going to get my hair done today, but laziness prevented that. I’ll make an appointment for one evening this week. My tresses need professional attention in a major way.
Anyway, back to work tomorrow. I’ve got some lessons to write up for argument and quizzes for Wuthering Heights. I need to do those on my laptop and of course that is in the other room. I’m too lazy to go get that at the moment, maybe after a hot shower.
Maybe not, I’ve been known to get it all done on a Monday morning.


One Response to “Sunday funday?”

  1. christa 10/02/2013 at 18:53 #

    Feel better!!

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