It’s Wednesday

6 Feb

And I’m pissed.
Day started out rough. I’m NOT a morning person and I don’t much care to be cursed at because I was misunderstood. Not cool.
I get to work and my classroom is again the temperature of the portal to hell. Half my first hour class was missing due to ASVAB testing, screwing up my plans. Oh well, I’m nothing if not flexible; not my body, just my plans.
My seniors aren’t embracing satire as much or as well as I hoped. They act like I’m asking them to put a monkey into orbit. I wish I was, because that would be AWESOME! Nothing to do with English, but still awesome.
The inspector is supposed to come to my house this afternoon to do the 50% inspection on my basement work. Both Man and I called the mortgage company yesterday in positively livid tones. They seem like they have done everything in their power to make this process as slow as possible. I want my damn basement fixed and livable again!
Hoping that the first check comes by the weekend so we can get the floor down and the bathroom put back together.

20130206-105824.jpg Here’s a thermal image photo of my mug; not sure why the left side of my face is warmer than the right.


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