101 Things to do in 1001 days *UPDATE #2*

25 Jan

Head on over to Torrey Shannon’s page to check out the full rules and regs, if you’d like to participate. 

Here’s the quick and dirty: 

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals such as New Year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

The Start Date:
1/1/13 (mine officially starts on 1/11/2013)

The End Date:
9/27/15 (or, in my case, 10/7/2015)

Items in red are done!

101 things to do in 1001 days

1. Be more physically active three or more days a week. I need to get off my ass before it gets flat. In mutha effin’ progress.
2. Look the way I want to in a bikini. Hot.
3. Cut my grocery spending by 30%. Not gonna happen. I like meat too much.
4. Eat more locally. My kitchen is local, right?
5. Spend at least eight hours a week developing my book until its completion. I MUST do this!
6. Get said book published. Because I should be famous.
7. Make enough money from writing to allow me to leave teaching. There’s not much else to say here.
8. Allow myself only one night a week to gripe about my job. My husband will thank me.
9. Build and strengthen my marriage. Blowjobs work, right?
10. Say goodbye to sugar; yes, completely. Probably not.
11. Visit and call my grandmothers more than once every couple of months. This is going to be hard.
12. Hand out money to strangers at least once. I really like money, but I need to be more generous.
13. Pay off our debt; all of it but the house. I don’t like owing the man.
14. Take a dream vacation with my wonderful husband. I need to show off aforementioned bikini bod.
15. Go to see the world’s largest ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas. Seriously, I want to see it.
16. Eat more sushi; fish in general really. No catfish, because ewwww.
17. Meditate at least twice a week. No iPod.
18. Decorate my house. Really, we have nothing on the walls. At all. Ideas are brewing.
19. Pay more attention to my appearance; no more sloppiness at school.
20. Go on one date a month with my husband. I kinda love him.
21. Learn to mow properly, per the husband’s instructions. I’ll probably never get to this, he’s a mowing hog.
22. Visit my Roxi in Montana. I miss that chick.
23. Visit my uncle in Palm Springs. I miss that chick.
24. Lift weights at least three times per week. Buff!
25. Take a roadtrip with the husband and dogs. Holiday Roaaaadddddd!
26. Get a hot tub, because I can use it in the winter and be naked with the husband.
27. Clean my pool once a week. Clear water, not green is desired.
28. Read 100 books. Brain food.
29. Try one new recipe a week. Fatty loves food! In progess; 7up biscuits were a bomb. A, not the. 
30. Organize a surprise birthday party for someone. Someone that will pee with glee.
31. Call my niece on the phone one per week. She’s only two now, but Zizzy has lots of words to teach her! So far so good, though I think I got cussed at in toddler. 
32. Camp outside with my husband. I think.
33. Refuse to buy anymore Girl Scout cookies. Or any cookies.
34. Learn to wire electrical outlets. Because it’s handy to know, okay?
35. Go to a Tweetup. I like strangers. No I don’t, but no one has to know.This week we discussed her new playhouse. 
36. Learn a craft. Nothing with hot glue; no one ever wins with hot glue.
37. Buy Nerf guns and declare foam war on my husband. Naked.
38. Record my grandmother’s voices as they tell me stories from their childhoods. Tear.
39. Organize my grandfather’s paperwork. More tears.
40. Call Roxi and Tracie at least twice per month. We are all busy, but I need to make time for these sassy bitches. Talked to Tracie this afternoon!
41. Buy new furniture for the living room and family room. We like sitting.
42. Figure out how to and execute proper display of my Barbies. She deserves display.
43. Go on a spa vacation with my sister. Ahhhhhhhh!
44. Get a couple’s massage with the husband. Rub it out, baby.
45. Go to a comedy club. Laughing is fun.
46. Organize my recipes into an iPad friendly format. I really need to do this to live.
47. Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant. Hey, I’m a giver.
48. Leave a public note of a kindness. See above.
49. Take my brothers fishing. They’re half black; they like catfish.
50. Buy more life insurance for me and the husband. Dying poor would suck.
51. Purge my closet. Couture bulimia! Round one complete. 
52. Buy new bedroom furniture. The old stuff squeaks.
53. Do something crafty with the old doors from my family home. I’m not crafty so this will be a likely exercise in futility.
54. Visit my stepfather’s grave. I’ve never been.
55. Get a pen pal. Hello, Christa from Vermont!
56. Scan all of my old pictures into jpegs. Time to burn the plastic bins.
57. Get rid of Facebook. I really only like my face anyway.
58. Buy only fitted bras. Perky boobies are happy boobies.
59. Keep my niece for an overnight. I might be crazy.
60. Groom my dogs once per week. Dog fur for the world!
61. Floss before bed. Chomp, chomp! Done this twice. 
62. Run a 10K race. I’ll likely have to be chased by a flock of birds to finish.
63. Adopt a retired military dog. True heroes.
64. Plant and maintain a lavender bush. Lavender is sexy.
65. Roll around in the mud during a summer thunderstorm, with my husband. Bow chicka wow wow!
66. Send someone flowers for no reason. I’ll probably pick ones they’re allergic to.
67. Wear lipstick everyday for a week. These lips need attention
68. Remove the multitudes of shelves that consume my walls. Shelves are icky.
69. Learn how to cut tile. Properly this time.
70. Make a wedding cake. I like cake.
71. Wear flowers in my hair one day. Aloha!
72. Take an Asian cooking class. I feel the need to incorporate more tamarind into our diet.
73. Stop wasting Groupon deals. So dumb.
74. Go to the dentist every six months. Again, chomp, chomp.
75. Start some kind of charity/organization/nonprofit. I just need to this.
76. Send ten letters. Ready, Christa? Six down.
77. Donate a holiday meal to a family in need. Again with the giver.
78. Have marital relations in front of the fire. I totally need to find a bear skin rug!
79. Replace the floors on our main living area with hardwoods. I’m classy.
80. Track down my college roommate, Natasha Popowczak. Where are you, you crazy Polish Argentinean?
81. Go to Kansas basketball game. Rock, Chalk!
82. Host a family game night. Bingo!
83. Spend all night on the deck talking to my husband on a summer’s night. Bug zapper required.
84. Meet Lee Woodruff, she’s awesome like me.
85. Begin collecting SWATCH again. I miss the ninties.
86. Reconfigure our entry bannister so the front door doesn’t bang into it. Time to play Architect Barbie.
87. Visit my great Aunt Laura. Broad is so badass.
88. Stain my pool deck. With stain.
89. Paint the pool room. Red is not spa like. Done, it’s now Rain Puddle by Benjamin Moore.
90. Meet my neighbors up the road. In case we have to retreat together in the midst of a Zombie Cattle attack.
91. Pay cash for my next vehicle (again).
92. Get my guest rooms ready for guests. I’ll probably half ass it so people don’t stay too long. One is done!
93. Go to a Bruce Springsteen concert (again). He’s a sexy son of a bitch.
94. Go on a nature hike. I like snakes. I must have been high when I wrote this one. 
95. Convince my husband to buy an Alpaca. They are hilarious!
96. Wear sexier pajamas at least on the weekends. Me-yow!
97. Go shopping for clothes somewhere new. Sorry NY&Co.
98. Grow a large garden and can our bounty for winter. I like food.
99. Treat myself to one beauty treatment a month. I so deserve this. Scheduling tomorrow. 
100. Donate $10 to charity for each item I fail to complete. Giver.
101. Write my penpal once a week. Bam! Christa makes her third appearance on the list. So far, so good!


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