1 Jan

Who has it? Anyone? Anyone?

I don’t have passion for anything. Really, I don’t.

There are lots of things that I like, or tolerate, but nothing that really ignites true excitement in me. As an alleged human being, this reality truly sucks enormous donkey balls. I’ve always dreamed of being one of those amazing people that get up every morning for a true purpose that drives their very being. I don’t have that. I never have.

If there is anything that I really enjoy, that’s writing and daydreaming. Can I make a living at either of those two things? No, at least not anytime in the foreseeable future. I’m not sure why this is all hitting me tonight, but I have been in a seriously awful mood for the last few hours upon this realization.

I have never been a person of passion. I have always kind of been a person to go with the flow, or do as expected. I have never engaged in something and had that amazing, “God, I love this,” moment. Such a pitiful realization. I don’t have any idea how to change that either. Everything I try is just “eh” or met with complete disgust.

I hate this existence. I’m tired of getting up for no purpose. I’m tired of zombie walking through this life.

How did you find your passion? Or if you don’t have one either, chime in and let me know I’m not alone.


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