Quit being lazy with words!

16 Dec

Some would argue that cuss words like shit, fuck, and damn are lazy speech. The English teacher in me agrees to a degree, but I also know there aren’t appropriate substitutes sometimes.

But, that’s not what I’m going to gripe about. What I am going to gripe about is unnecessary shortening of words.

Text message talk is one of my biggest peeves. There is no earthly reason to take the vowels out of words! It doesn’t save time; you actually have to think about which letters to remove when doing that. There are people who really write the word never like this: nvr.
Uh, what?
I’m guessing they don’t realize how stupid this makes them look, especially when their entire message is composed of these botched pseudo words. Yes, it makes them look stupid and lazy.
Now, to my biggest and most honest peeve. I absolutely despise when women shorten the word husband! I’m talking about all of the various substitutions of hubs, hubby, hubster (hey morons, that last one isn’t even shorter than the actual word). This totally shows me how dumb lazy people are.
Now, if you have a functioning brain in your head and have any self respect, use the actual word instead of substituting some stupid malformation of one.



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