I will be damned…

12 Nov

If I read aloud to seniors in high school because they are too lazy to read for themselves.

And people wonder why America is in the toilet.

Today, we hosted a teacher inservice. I wanted to ask other high school English teachers how they get their students to read assigned novels both in class and as homework. I have had a serious problems with my seniors specifically getting their reading done. They simply don’t do homework when assigned.

I was really hoping today would offer me some solutions I could implement. However, one teacher told me he reads to his students because they don’t do it. I am quite certain my jaw dropped, as the room got silent. Once I retrieved my jaw, I shook my head and said, “I’m not reading to fully capable 18 year olds. I am not their mother, and I am not teaching them life skills or responsibility if I do. Okay, they may get the story of The Great Gatsby, but that is not the important skills I want them to take away from my class.”

He rebuts with, “Well my students scores have gone up tremendously since I have started reading to them.”

I really, really wanted to ask him if he wipes their asses and holds the tissues while they blow their noses too, but I had on my big girl panties, so I refrained. It was hard.

If you are a parent, one worth anything, please make sure your child does his or her homework. Don’t be their friend, be their leader and their disciplinarian and support his or her teacher when she calls you to tell you your precious Johnny/Sally is failing.


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