I’ve been told to pray for my country

7 Nov

Um, what?

Strange how all of this talk just commenced late last night and this morning following President Obama’s re-election. I’m sure it’s totally coincidence, right?

I need to get a few things off my chest (not my boobs, those, I like). First thing is that I am not a religious person, I have tried it, it didn’t take, felt phony to me. I don’t care if you are or aren’t, if religion and praying flavor your cup of tea, I’m happy for you. Given that I am not a religious person, I believe that only believers benefit from prayer.

Second thing, why am I being asked to pray for my country? Like I said, I don’t pray. I don’t understand what is happening that needs prayed on/for. I think the majority of the 47% of eligible voters who voted last night made the right, or left as the case may be, choice. That’s right, only 47% of eligible voters voted last night. If you’re in the 53% and are pissed off this morning, that’s bad on you. You had a voice, you chose not to use it.

We are a changing nation. We are not all white, we are not all Christians, we are not all middle class, rich, or poor. We have different philosophies on how to live a good life. More people are starting to see that two consenting adults who are in love should be able to marry each other regardless of gender. More people are beginning to understand that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol and will be quite profitable if legalized.

I know that a lot of people don’t like change, that is not my problem. If you don’t change, you get stuck, and really, who likes to be sticky?

So, as we move forward over the next four years, I look forward to seeing more healthy people because they will now have health insurance, I look forward to seeing more young people be able to pay on their student loans because of loan reform and because they have jobs, and I look forward to being able to help those who pledged to move to Canada pack. I’m sure those folks will fit right in up there with socialized medicine, education, and a 45% atheist population; I’m sure Canada will welcome you with welcome arms.

I will pray for your safe travels.

No, good luck, yes, that’s what I meant!


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