Election Day in the U.S.

6 Nov

I will certainly be voting today when I leave work. I will not be voting for Romney/Ryan. I’m a fairly liberal democrat, always have been. There has been nothing I have ever seen that will change that.

Yes, women’s issues are big issues for me since I have a vagina and a uterus, thereby qualifying me as a woman. I don’t need someone else telling me what I can or can’t do to or with my body, especially a man or a group of men.

I believe in those “evil” social programs such as Medicare, Social Security, and dare I say, Tricare. I believe that healthcare should be a right that is not tied to employment. A human right, if you will. Human rights shouldn’t have to be voted on or legislated, yet here we are.

I believe that gay people should be allowed to marry each other. In America, Gay Marriage is legal in only six out of fifty states. It is legal for a human to have sex with a horse in twenty-three out of fifty states. See a problem here? Legalizing Gay Marriage would be a huge boom to the economy. Trust me, a Gay Wedding would be much more extravagant than the overdramaticized shit you see on WeTV.

I believe that military spending is out of control. Yes, I say that as the wife of a military veteran, a wounded one, in fact. VA spending could certainly be increased and our current administration has done that. Our current president has pledged to help veterans find jobs and help the wounded get the care and compensation they need. Not once did Gov. Romney mention veterans or their needs in his stumping, not once.

Now, you are free to vote for Romney, Obama, Roseann, Jill, or write in Scooby Doo, but the point is, if you don’t vote, don’t bitch about the result. I could launch into a tirade about the Electoral College and such, but I won’t, I will save that for 2016.



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