Oh, it’s that time of year…

4 Nov

The “I’m thankful for” posts on Facebook. 

I’m sure you can guess my feelings on these types of posts. I loathe them with the burn of a thousand hemorrhoids. Why, you ask?

Well, first of all they are obnoxious. I don’t like opening up my Facebook feed to see the exact same post, line after line, day after day. Secondly, if you’re thankful for something, great, just be thankful. Is there a need for you to post it all over the interwebs? No. No you don’t.

Next, why is this done in celebration of Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is merely the American tradition of stuffing our faces full of fatty foods and watching football and if you’re lucky, getting into heated political discussions with family members you don’t even really like.

Thanksgiving in America is a holiday celebrating how the Europeans came to the Americas, gave the Natives smallpox, and then let the Natives eat foods that the Natives taught the Europeans grow and hunt. Classy, eh?

Now, while I love ham, (yes, ham because turkey is gross as are all birds) as much the next non-Jew, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. We have a pig out day in late November to remind us that we can afford food and because we have a few extra days off of work. We don’t sit around the table and say what we are thankful for, in fact, we probably won’t even sit around a table this year.

Another thing, how is this a celebration when the mess in the kitchen following this “holiday” anything to be thankful for?

Finally, as for those bloody Facebook posts, I’ve taken to hiding the perpetrators in my timeline, and I am spending more time on Twitter. You don’t see that shit on Twitter. Why? Because Twitter is just more fun and full of cynical, bitchy people like me. Feel free to follow me there @barbiegirl2381.


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