Since we’re name calling…

28 Oct

Last week conservative pundit referred to President Obama as a retard. Classy, no?

Now, most humans on Earth know there has been a rather large social movement in the recent years to stop using the word “retarded” for things we which we have a distaste. Ann apparently didn’t get that message on her home planet.

I’m now having an internal struggle as to whether or not I should start referring to Ms. Coulter as Skeletor.

 See my quandry? I suppose it doesn’t much matter now.

Actually, it might, Skeletor might be pretty pissed at the comparison.

Maybe I should rethink this.

Probably not going to happen though.


One Response to “Since we’re name calling…”

  1. Kateri Peterson 01/11/2012 at 18:41 #

    Hahahaha good comparison!!!

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