Things I learned in NYC

27 Oct

And I had an amazing time. I met some fantastic and honest people. Also got to meet some famous ones too.

Anyway, aside from having an allergic reaction to food in a restaurant and leaving my iPad in a cab, my trip was smooth and pleasant. The iPad was returned by the cab driver, by the way. I know, I was astounded too. That shit would have never happened in Kansas City. NY is full of honest folks, or maybe I just got lucky, or maybe because I’m so pretty. Yeah, probably the latter.

I did take a bunch of pictures and pictures were taken of me and the other photographers were gracious enough to share. From these photos, I learned a few things:

1. I am a shitty photographer.

2. I don’t know how to work my camera’s functions properly.

3. I don’t give a shit about 1 or 2 above.

4. The city in incredible beyond my wildest dreams.

5. The chicken at Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen IS corn fed, despite what Jose, the waiter says.

6. The Writer’s Guild Initiative is awesome beyond my wildest dreams.

7. There are honest cabbies in NYC.

8. I am fashionable.

9. The Wounded Warrior Project is beyond accommodating.

10. I love bronzer, even in the fall.


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