Truths of adulthood

14 Oct

1. It will never be as awesome as you imagined when you were ten.

2. Paying your bills on time does give you a certain sense of satisfaction.

3. Once your sibling has the first grandkid, you are no longer your parents’ favorite being.

4. Your job will suck most days.

5. You will probably get laid off at some point and that sometimes sucks worse than having a sucky job.

6. Your friends will let you down.

7. You will NEVER have enough money to buy all the shoes you desire.

8. It’s likely that you will have to make the choice between career and children, especially if you are a woman.

9. Your hairdresser will fuck up your hair.

10. At some point you will likely be on an antidepressant medication.

I am telling you this because being an adult sucks, but so does being a kid. Life is its own purgatory it seems.


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