I’m going to NYC!!!

27 Sep

Times Square, in fact.

The great folks at Wounded Warrior Project are sending caregivers of wounded warriors to NYC for a Writer’s Guild conference. We are going to actually work with TV and film writers. I am so excited. This is especially exciting given that my book is in the final editing stage.

Also, I have never been to NYC before with the exception of several layovers at JFK airport. I have never eaten a hot dog at 2:00am from a street vendor, though I could do this in Kansas City if I wished; I have never seen the glowing lights and the nonstop pace of a place that is the embodiment of what America is. I am so totally excited.

It’s only a short, extended weekend trip, but I am going to pack as much into the down time as possible. I will, of course, be purchasing the quintessential I ❤ NYC tshirt. I will be mimicking a Japanese tourist with a camera around my neck at all times. I will also be taking this trip, doing something I have never done before; I will be taking only a carry on piece of luggage!

This means I am carefully calculating how much hair product I will need for the four day trip. I am strongly considering a professional blow out before I leave. I am also having a hard time narrowing down my shoe selection for the trip.

So many decisions. I hope this will be a nice distraction to the current state of crap that my life is in. Husband will be taken care of, so I need not worry myself over that. Yeah, I will still worry.

Anyway, countdown is on; three weeks from tomorrow.


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