No Drama

6 Sep

Drama. It’s only awesome when you’re talking about Shakespeare. When you are talking about real life, drama is stupid and it’s a waste of energy.

It’s no secret that some women tend to thrive on drama; feed on it. Facebook seems to be a breeding ground for this drama and a collection board for these women.

I admit, I spend too much time on Facebook. Most of us do. Facebook is like a little drug that you just have to take a hit from multiple times a day. I will also admit I kind of enjoy watching people melt-down on Facebook. I love that people air that mess on the interwebs. It does in fact, make me feel sorry that some people never learned tact or decorum.

I cannot understand the the thriving on this drama. I just can’t. I cannot grasp the need to feed on bullshit. That is all drama is, bullshit. I tend to believe these people have only imaginary or internet friends. They’re sad souls.

I am a high school teacher, I get my fill of drama in real time; I don’t want to see it play out on Facebook, or hear about it from my friends when we socialize. I want my adult friends to act like adults, not petty teenage girls whose boyfriend looked at another girl in fifth hour.

Another thing, keep your nose out of other people’s business. It will save you a punch in the face in the long run.


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