I have no idea what I am doing

28 Aug

The Mr. has been out of the clink for one week today. It’s been nice having him home. Our marriage is probably stronger than it has ever been. He is much more verbal about his feeling with me and it’s made all the difference.

Now, enough of the mushy stuff. The jail really fucked up my husband as far as his medication regime goes. He was not getting his prescribed meds as prescribed and some of them he wasn’t getting at all. Keeping in mind the Mr. has level five GERD, which is a severe acid reflux disease, his stomach is now totally fucked up. He’s been puking for nearly the last three months. He’s lost a good deal of weight. Even though he is home now and he is getting his medication as ordered, his stomach is still in revolt. The man isn’t sleeping at night, vomiting copious amounts of acid and bile and nearly everything he eats.

Now, I’m not a doctor, I should be, but I’m not. What I am is loud and an adequate writer. I have written to the United States Department of Justice regarding the despicable conditions that occurred at the Platte County Detention Center. The DOJ is now investigating. A follow up letter went out to the Chief ligation officer today. He is seemingly incensed at what I have explained to him thus far. Now, names are being dropped. I’m not a lawyer either, but I am working for change in our justice system.

I don’t have a playbook or definitive plan of action for this, I am just listening to my brain. I have a good brain, a smart brain. The brain is apparently getting things done. I still don’t know what I am doing here, other than fighting for what is right.

On top of this, the school has started back up for me. My students are less assholish than last year. It’s been stressful though, having Mr. home and trying to juggle all of the stuff I need to do for work, plus our new home, plus all of his needs (which have increased significantly), I am exhausted. This weekend is Labor Day and we were planning a cook out, but I think I am going to cancel because I am just too damn tired.

I am trying to do it all without having any idea of how to do any of it. That’s the American way.


2 Responses to “I have no idea what I am doing”

  1. Betti Boot 28/08/2012 at 18:18 #

    We love you Elle…you ROCK! Even if you do call him “The Mr.” and wont let us DH, Hubs, or Hubby without a good lecture. Let me know how I can help. My Mr. and I have a similar journey and have raised the roof too…ENOUGH ABUSE OF VETERANS!

  2. hookeymonster 29/08/2012 at 05:25 #

    I am happy for the two of you that you’re together again and can spend a paragraph being mushy!

    Good luck with your battle, you sound like a force to be reckoned with.

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