11 Aug


I know I have been MIA most of the summer. I have been working my Kardashian-like ass off trying to get justice for my wrongly incarcerated husband. Now that the Mr. will be released in 10 days, I have the United States Department of Justice involved. That alone makes me feel decidedly less like white trash.

I’ve also been getting my new house in order, which is no small task. I’ve also had to basically put my days on hold until I hear from the Mr. at whatever time the jail decides to let him out for his hour a day. It varies from day to day because the Platte County Sheriff’s Department is full of assholes who have no regard for humanity. In fact, I was dropping off meds for the Mr. earlier this week and the damn deputy working the desk slammed my hand in the deposit drawer. Left marks on my wrist and it was sore for a few days. Just reckless disregard and carelessness.

I am also trying to prepare for the upcoming school year. I am not thrilled with the prospect. I was informed the other night that I will now be teaching remedial reading to the 8th graders because they did not reach 75% reading proficiency on last year’s state test. That’s right people, it’s all about the test. Due to this, the school district has implemented a Response to Intervention program.  What that means is more work for me. Yay. It also means that I have to figure out how to teach remedial reading. I don’t have a reading endorsement on my teaching license. I don’t even think Missouri offers one.  Another thing I am trying to figure out is why we have to implement this in the 8th grade, if the 8th graders who tested last year will now be 9th graders.  Makes zero sense to me. Education in America is going in the absolute wrong direction, and I hope to find my way out of it soon.

At home, we are still in the midst of fighting for the Mr.’s full benefits. It’s a long fight, prolonged by his erroneous incarceration.

We are also gathering all of our facts and such to begin filing civil suits with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center and the DOJ. If I told you all of the atrocities that have taken place in the jail, you would cringe. Through the course of this I discovered that county jails in Missouri have no state or federal oversight. Essentially, they are each left to their own devices, which explains why they do the things they do. No one is watching over them. Now, people will know and people will get pissed.

I also learned how to mow and weed eat this summer. We will count those as my biggest accomplishments. Oh, and I got knocked unconscious by the Xbox console yesterday, that goes on the list too.



One Response to “Miscellany”

  1. hookeymonster 29/08/2012 at 05:28 #

    How exactly does an Xbox console manage to knock someone unconscious??

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