The Olympics are Dumb

27 Jul

The only moment I have ever enjoyed of the Olympics was during the mid-nineties Dream Team days and that is only because I love Michael Jordan almost more than anything. To be clear, he is does not outrank the Mr., my dogs, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, or Tom Brokaw; he’s fucking close though.

I think the Olympics are an enormous waste of resources. Most of our world is in an economic depression, yes, depression. People are starving and living on the street; people are dying of completely preventable and treatable illnesses. If you go to almost any major urban area in the world, there will be scores of abandoned buildings that should be repurposed. Instead, every two years, a new city around the globe spends hundreds of millions of dollars building new “Olympic” facilities. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Now, we all know that the majority of Americans are fatasses. Most of us could stand to do some physical activity. I was a collegiate swimmer, I know athletics are important and can be beneficial. However, Americans are also severely lagging academically behind many of our global counterparts. Where is the Academic Olympics?

The only thing that might change my opinion of these games is if a white guy from America or any European beats a Kenyan in any track event.

I do however collect Olympic edition Swatch Watches. If you don’t know what Swatch Watches are, you should kill yourself.


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