The last few days of the school year

15 May

They are hell for teachers. Finals are over, grades are done, and classrooms organized.

Typically, when I was kid those last days were usually spent watching mindless movies or playing outside in field type events (those I didn’t care for after the long jump event that displayed my lack of athletic prowess with the breaking of my right foot in two places).

These days teachers are supposed to keep their students busy until the very end of the year. Now, this is ordinarily a challenge because all of the grades are already in and the weather is turning nicer and everyone is just antsy for a blasted break. This year is especially challenging because in the Midwest we have had an incredibly unseasonably warm winter, cursing us with only one snow day (teachers love those too). Because the warm weather set in around about March, the kids have been wild, bucking at the chance to be free for summer.

Mother Nature teased us, all of us. I think she’s pissed at teachers.It’s been torture trying to keep students on task for the last three months when the weather has been so absurdly pleasant. Truth is, all of us have been feeling like school is almost out for approximately 11 weeks. That feeling, prolonged, fucking blows.

Now, with just a few hours left in this year, kids are so disengaged, yet we teachers, superheroes we are, must keep them from setting each other on fire and peeing on things. Also, we can’t show movies, because evidently it looks bad. Or something.

Since I teach English, allegedly, those glorious Mad Libs word games and Scrabble board came will have to suffice.

In the meantime, I am trying to zone out until that final bell rings tomorrow at 12:25pm, CST.

Freedom, people! Teachers love it too.



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