Appreciation Weeks/Days/etc

12 May

Yeah, they’re bullshit. I said it.

This past week held, Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurse Appreciation Week, and Military Spouse Appreciation Day. All of them are crap. And I fit the criteria for two of those.

Now, the fact that we even need to have designated appreciation times for these is really what is bullshit. Of course being all any of these three things is a choice, and two of them are actually paid jobs/careers, the third is often full of sacrifice as well.

The public should treat all people with respect, but especially those who perform a vital service to said public. The idea that we get one shared week, is kind of crappy.

Just appreciate people everyday who perform necessary services for the public, don’t patronize us with a designated time frame of appreciation. Just do it.

Stop with the bullshit.



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