I just have to shake my head

3 May

This Edvard Munch painting sold at auction yesterday for $119.9 million dollars. The fuck?!

I know. I hate art too, but there is something so primal about this painting that I think all humans can relate to emotion of it on some level. Especially in these times.

Ok, moving on from the bullshit.

This painting sold to an unidentified dude/dudette. It boggles my mind that someone has that kind of dough laying around as expendable money. Really, it does. I just think of all of the great things that could be accomplished with that amount of money.

Now, because the identity of the buyer is unknown, we don’t know his/her country of residence. But I just can’t help but think how far that money would go to wards schools, infrastructure improvement, and healthcare in this country. Or any country really.

The idea of having that kind of skrill to toss around both excites me and pisses me off. Yes, you could do tons of awesome shit with it and buy more awesome shit. I dream of all the sports cars, cosmetics, shoes, and Barbie memorabilia I could buy. Then I think to myself, who the in the hell really needs that much money? Especially that much excess money?

I am very disillusioned at the haves and have nots. I know we are all supposed to be able to rise to the top in America, but honestly, that’s a lie.

Right now, the world just makes me want to “Scream.”


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