My To Do List (with reasons)

28 Mar

1. Find a new job. Reason: I’m frustrated with the educational system beyond measure and no one cares what ideas I have to change it. Also, I would like to make a living wage and have better health insurance.

2. Join the gym, officially.Reason: I bought a membership on special a few weeks ago and just haven’t activated it. Also, I would like only my boobs to pop out of my swimsuit, nothing lower than that.

3. Wash my hair. Reason: I need to and I hate doing it, so I need to get it over with.

4. Visit my grandma. Reason: She’s going to die someday.

5. Find a lovely anniversary gift for my one. Reason: It’s the kind of gal I am. Also, he’s pretty good to me.

6. Teach my dog to bark in French. Reason: I need some Youtube hits and I believe she’s up for the challenge.

7.Sleep. Reason: I’m tired, duh.

8. Plan and plant my garden. Reason: It’s a science project for my brother and I like canning.

9. Complete a mountain of VA and disability paperwork. Reason: It has to be done.



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