If you’re going to do it…

20 Mar

Do it right.






This is NOT what right looks like.

Look, American kids are fat. A lot of them are malnourished as well. Many more are poor. Often, lunch at school is the best meal they eat all day. Tragic.

School nutrition guidelines are outdated and inaccurate. They don’t provide the quality nutrients growing bodies and minds need. They just don’t. I know budgets are tight and food is often one of the easiest cuts to make. Tragic.

Jamie Oliver tried to fix school lunches with his Food Revolution show, but was forced out by the Los Angeles Unified School District for making them look bad. Guess what, LAUSD? It wasn’t Jamie that made you look bad.

I see what we feed school kids. I see what my students eat every day. I don’t dare touch it, but many of my students don’t have a choice. They often complain about how awful the food is. They’re right. I cannot think of one time where I have seen a vibrantly colored piece of fruit or vegetable on the line. Bruised bananas and apples, and sometimes spotted oranges. Otherwise, it comes from a can.

Also, like with most American menus, there are entirely too many carbohydrates, most of them refined, on the trays. Kids are getting fatter. Tragic.

When people eat unhealthy things, they are unhealthy. It affects not only the body composition, but also the brain composition and function. Yes, kids do better in school when they eat better foods. They behave better, they concentrate more fully, and they are more alert. When they eat better, they have a greater chance of excellence. How is that not worth funding?

We also need to teach kids why they should give up the preformed alleged chicken nuggets and the pizza with the processed meat and cheese. We need to teach them nutrition, but of course health class doesn’t include that because there’s not enough time with all of that abstinence education.

Now, with all of the Pink Slime news as of late, what we feed our next generation is becoming of dire importance. President Truman launched the Federal School Lunch Program as a matter of National Security because too many young men were unfit for military service due to poor nutrition. We still have that problem, but in the transverse. Kids are still undernourished, but now they are fat, and that has brought on a whole new host of health problems.

Kids are still too unhealthy to serve in the armed services. American culture has changed in such a way that families no longer eat dinner together every night. There aren’t home cooked meals every night. There is a fast food joint every 35 feet in the suburbs. Physical education and home economics classes are being slashed in school funding formulas.

We need to fix this. There are plenty of solutions to this problem. Yes, most of them cost money. Yes, most of them will require a lot of overhaul.American taxpayers have to decide if our next generation of innovators, doctors, and soldiers are worth investing in.


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