It’s flat out scary out there

27 Feb

And that is saying something coming from me. I don’t scare easily. Please enjoy the following photo essay of the scary things that happened in the last few weeks or so.

His wife drives “a couple of Cadillacs,” don’t ya know? He’s also doesn’t watch NASCAR but has some friends who are team owners.

Now, this guy has called anyone who has higher education a snob, especially that half-black guy elected to run our country. Oddly, he has three advanced degrees himself. This charmer also has renounced our Constitution and it’s separation of church and state clause. Details, I suppose.

There was that Oscar debacle on TV last night. I didn’t watch, I never watch. I’m not a fantastic queen (though I love them), and I actually don’t watch movies, like ever. I saw a movie in 2004 for the last time in a theater. Honestly, I’d rather go to the dentist for extrication than I would watch most movies.

Sadly, that is the photo of the scene of America’s latest school shooting. It happened this morning. Five kids shot, one dead. Reports are stating that the shooter was a bullied student and he had posted to Twitter in recent days that he was going to bring a gun to school. This is bullshit.

Now, I know I have been MIA for several weeks and for me to return bringing only the madness that is happening in our country, is kind of shitty, I’ll give you that. It is what it is.


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