Whoa! A ha!

13 Jan

I had one of those moments today as a teacher and as a woman.

There has been some relatively stupid allegations brought against some unidentifiable members of our boys’ basketball team. Unidentifiable because those who have brought forth such allegations can’t pick the alleged offenders out of a line up. No, seriously, a line up.

Anyway the allegations included using the “number system” to rate girls that attend another school in our conference. You know, referring to them as a number based on their attractiveness. There was also an allegation that two boys on our team said, “I wouldn’t mind standing behind her all day long.” Obviously in reference to her backside.

Our entire school is up in arms over this for various reasons. Our girls are upset because they are embarrassed. Our boys are upset because they swear they are being falsely accused. In fact, it is a “their word against our word” situation. This morning my first hour class, made up of mostly girls came in extremely frustrated and angry, yet they couldn’t verbalize exactly why.

I knew why. I’m a woman, was once a young girl in high school.

These girls were upset that boys would even think it’s okay to do those things to any girl. They were disrespected and felt it, but didn’t realize what the feeling was. I gave them the words.

I reminded them that it is NEVER acceptable for a male to refer to a female as a number, or call out a part of her body with lewd terms. I had to tell them they are worth more and they need to stand up to this kind of behavior and let those boys know that it will NOT be tolerated by girls.

These girls seemingly needed permission to call out a punky boy for shouting out, “Nice ass!” It saddened me greatly. These young women are so unaware that they are more than objects to be labeled with disrespectful terms.

This conversation parlayed into me explaining that as high school kids they have their entire lives to find a relationship and that they most certainly do NOT want to start a relationship with someone who would refer to them or another woman as a number.

Following my lecture on self-respect and confidence, I had girls tell me, “Mrs. H, you just totally turned my week around, ” and “Mrs. H, you just really made me feel great about being me and being single.”

To me, that lesson learned is so much more important than Act II of MacBeth.


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