I am going to start using my assets

5 Jan


Yes, that is a stripper. A movable one actually that can be plugged into a USB port for animation. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

Okay, so here is what I am doing at present. No, I am not a stripper. Right now.

Now that I am thirty and my life has been crazed and bordering on some freaky show on TLC, I have set into motion some positive changes. The first one is I am consciously watching what food goes into my mouth. No more crap, no alcohol, no poisons of any kind. A lot of this is due to sheer reasons of vanity, but the bigger picture is I want to get off the asthma and dermatological medications I currently take. Those meds are ridiculously expensive even with my insurance. In all honesty, I just can’t afford them. Sad, but true.

Second reason is that I want to get my 23 year old body back. Now, to be fair, I am not more than one standard deviation away from that goal. I just have some shaping up to do. I’m a curvy girl. I have always had tits and certainly always had ass. So, I am going to use those “assets” to my advantage, my financial advantage.

Now, as a relatively inexperienced teacher, my salary is abysmal as previously noted by my inability to afford my necessary medications. Since my husband is out of commission and we are still awaiting his VA disability, I have to get creative. Sure, I have lots of skills, but none of them are huge money makers. Sadly, or not, in America, sex sells. It’s big business. It’s easy.

Now, it’s no secret that I was a Hooter’s Girl for some time several years ago, actually that is where I met the husband. It’s also not a huge secret that Hooters is sometimes a stepping stone into the dancing business. Not really a stretch that I am considering this. It’s completely true that eight years ago when I worked at Hooters, I cleared more money working four nights a week than I do today as a full time, public school teacher. Uh, see a problem here?

My skills as a teacher aren’t valued as greatly as my tits and ass are. Sad? Yes.

Now, I am getting back in shape, and seriously going to pursue other avenues of revenue besides education. I have to. America doesn’t value it’s teachers in the same way it does its strippers. I have the qualifications to do both, why wouldn’t I choose the one that offers a better income and the ability to sleep in?

Seriously, God Bless America!



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