12 Dec

Evidently mine are too high.

I believe students should care about their work, even if it will warrant nothing more than a good grade or athletic eligibility.

I believe that people should want to do their best mostly for themselves. I believe that people should care little of how others view them as long as they are not harming another being.

I believe that humans need real confidence from achieving something, not just for showing up.

I had a discussion with a student today that kick started this post. At our school, if a student has perfect attendance, then he or she may choose to be exempted from a finals grade if it is of detriment to their overall course grade.

I asserted that this is only teaching the kids that if they show up, they get rewarded. The student countered that they should be rewarded for not missing school. I rebutted that students should not be rewarded for something they should be doing anyway. She looked at my third eyeball.

She then proceeded to tell me that I am rewarded for coming to work with a paycheck. No, I come to work specifically for that paycheck. It’s not a reward, it’s payment for services rendered. It’s a business contract, nothing more.

Again, my third eyeball caught a glare.

Kids think that because they did something, that they are supposed to do in the first place, they should get some kind of prize. Not the case, kiddos. I am afraid if we continue down this path of getting something for doing nothing, then we will have a lot of young adults who can’t handle the real world and will be hurling themselves off of the office buildings from where they were just fired for complaining that there are no gold star charts.

Or, maybe I am completely off base and I really do have expectations that are out of reach for this generation. That’s highly unlikely of course.



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