The week in review

8 Dec

I am going to start this week in review thing, no promises, but I want to do it every week. However, just like everything else in life, we don’t always get what we want.

Moving on.

Sunday: I wrapped up my retreat weekend and flew home. Uneventful except for the drenching I got in Memphis from having no jetway. Made it home soundly, albeit wet.

Monday: Back to work. Had a migraine in the afternoon. Students were less than charming, but it was Monday after all.Did some laundry, found a lipgloss I thought I had lost, so yay!

Tuesday: Work was fine, nothing special. Arrived home hoping to find my dog’s medication I ordered almost two weeks ago to no avail. Called Dr.s. Foster and Smith and asked them what the problem was. Was given the spiel of “tomorrow will actually be the 7th day, if you don’t have it tomorrow call us back.” Fine. Got some groceries and ran into an old family friend. She didn’t recognize me, making me feel like an asshole. Took a shower and slipped and fell on my razor, slicing open one butt check nicely.  Had a conference with Z’s therapist and got some bad news. Awesome. Skyped with Z and that was nice, except I didn’t fall asleep until 3 am. Shit.

Wednesday: School was awful. Kids out of control. I wanted to stab my eyes out with a fork. Made it through the day. Went home and fell asleep until evening. I woke up, ate dinner and went back to sleep, feeling like hell. Bad dreams of me killing my brother on accident. Sucky.

Thursday: Missed a staff meeting due to locking my keys in my running car then waiting over an hour for a 15 minute response locksmith. Not awesome. Really pissed off because I woke up early and got dressed to make it to aforementioned staff meeting. Oh and it cost me $80 for the late ass locksmith. The only bright spot out of this was that my car was defrosted and warm after over an hour of running. I feel like an asshole for spending that $80 I really don’t have for a moment of stupidity. Shit. Oh and my friend flying in from TX missed her flight. Not awesome.

Friday: Day started…oh dammit, it’s only Thursday.


I have failed at life this week. Shit.


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