I have a crush

7 Dec

Well, really this is not news. I have several crushes. The subject of this post however, will be directed to my longest running crush.And this one isn’t really even a crush, it’s probably bordering on obsession/lust driven insanity. Anyway…

I love him for a multitude of reasons and most of them involve the way his ass looks in blue jeans. The others tend to lean towards lame stuff like politics and music. Regardless, this ulta-fine specimen of man meat is easy on the eyes, easy on the ears and hard in just the right places.

This exquisite male and I share a birthday. We are both on the Virgo-Libra cusp; it’s the cusp of beauty and that is not surprising given the two of us, I mean, really.

In light of some rough periods in my life, I have been looking more and more to this crush for musical comfort and sexual excitement, he of course, has no idea about any of this given he never returns my emails or letters. I console myself knowing he is busy pleasuring many others in addition to me.

For now, things like this must sustain my well intentioned love for the one and only, Boss.



One Response to “I have a crush”

  1. bzirkone 07/12/2011 at 17:43 #

    Funny. And true. I actually forgot how true. Nice reminder.

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