Let’s talk about hair

8 Nov

My hair is long, thick, and curly, but finely textured. In other words, most stylists cringe with they see it.

On more than one occasion I have had styling combs break off in my hair, leaving a tangled plastic accessory I didn’t request.

When my hair is straight, it looks like this (after a professional blow out and flat-ironing):And yes, that is really me.

It looks benign when it’s styled this way. Also, because I have this autoimmune disorder, my body doesn’t produce lipids or oils any more, meaning I can go a week between washings and never have to worry about oily hair. This is totally awesome, because washing, drying and straightening my hair to look even close the above picture takes two plus hours. Yeah, not fun.

“Why don’t you just go natural?”

Sometimes I do. When I am being lazy or it’s the weekend or it’s too hot for heat styling. My hair is very curly for a white chick and it’s sometimes overwhelming for people. I’ve been told it doesn’t look professional or age appropriate. Um, okay. Sure, when I fail to use product, it gets a little wild, but c’mon, to tell someone their hair in its natural state looks unprofessional, that’s just asking for an ass beating.

This is pretty close to what my hair looks like in it’s natural state, without product: And that’s Shakira. I don’t have any recent pictures of myself going natural.

To be clear, when I use product (and the proper product) my hair looks like this:

This actually isn’t me either, but it’s close to what my hair looks like styled with proper product (Wen Styling Creme).

Now, unprofessional? I don’t think so. Different? Definitely. Don’t like curly hair? Kiss off.

I am going to try to commit myself to wearing my hair natural more often. I need to embrace the beautiful that is me and the beautiful that is shoved down our throats by Cosmo and Glamour magazines in the form of straight, shiny hair.

Considering this is a post about hair, I will just add one more facet. If you have unwanted hair on your body, I highly recommend laser hair removal. It’s not that painful and the results are life changing.


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