Here are my thoughts…

31 Oct

on legalizing stuff that is currently legal.

Yeah, I know alcohol is currently legal in the United States. If you are over 21 years old. If you aren’t, you are screwed and expected to never touch the stuff. If an underager does use and get caught with alcohol, they are stiffly fined and branded with a scarlet letter of sorts. (Shut up, I’m an English Teacher).

You see, there was a party this weekend that resulted in several of the students at my school being charged with Minor in Possession. The bitch of this is, most of these kids are good students and strong athletes and just all around good kids.

As long as the kids are drinking in moderation, which they would if they had been raised in an environment where alcohol is not taboo, I genuinely don’t see a problem with it.

Of course, I believe we should legalize marijuana as well. So there ya go, I am that person.


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