You know how I moved?

27 Oct


Well it seems I am still in hell. Maybe this is Purgatory, I don’t know. I just know it sucks.

Yesterday I told my grandma I had to move out of her rental and I lost my wallet sometime after. I am sure the two events are related.

This morning, after staying at my father-in-law’s, I woke up feeling crappy. Flu-like. Now, at school I feel like I am breathing concrete and have been hit by a bus. Fantastic. I want to die, or at least sleep for a very long time.

Since I am staying at the father-in-law’s new place, I had to take two of our dogs to stay with my mom and brothers while I am there. Zac blew up at that and is now not speaking to me. Evidently all of this moving mess is also entirely my fault. You know, because I don’t make enough money as a teacher.

Yeah, so my husband who is 2000 miles away (and right now that is a very good thing), isn’t speaking to me. At this point, I have to kind of take the attitude of “Fuck you, I am doing the best I can and if you can’t see that, then fuck you twice.”

Life is generally unpleasant for me at the moment so if any subsequent posts are especially assy or crude, forgive me, I will be back to blowing sunshine out of my ass soon.


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