Moving sucks

24 Oct

It seriously does. It sucks super badly when you have to move out of a place you just moved into mere days before due to medical issues.

Saturday I finally got moved into the house where I thought I would be spending the next year while Zac is gone to Pathway (he made it, by the way). Saturday night I could not sleep due to asthma issues. Normally my asthma is very well controlled. Within a few hours of being in the house, I start to struggle.

Not good. Not good at all. What’s worse is that my dear grandma owns the place and lives right next door. She was so excited about me being next door and she is going to be so upset when I tell her I have to move out. However, like my wise friend told me, if she cares about me she will want me to be somewhere that isn’t detrimental to my health.

Thankfully, all our stuff is going to be stored at my mom’s so I don’t have to get a storage unit. Since when did those things cost so much?

Anyway, yeah. This week is going to suck because after moving once, I have to move again and possibly break my grandma’s heart. Awesome.

Also, I miss my husband and his dog is being a pain in my ass.


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