Here’s a list

11 Oct

Of  shit that went wrong today. Whine with me, okay?

1. I didn’t sleep for shit.

2. The heater is not working in my car and it was very foggy this morning. That was a fun drive to work.

3. My students were woefully unprepared and that pissed me off.

4. Husband waited until the last minute on something and I had to save the day.

5.The house is still not packed.

6.The new house is still not ready.

7. I got impaled in the ass with tacks that my students so thoughtfully put in my chair.

8. Our congressman is a douche.

9. I shaved my legs and missed a spot. You would think after 20ish years of doing it, I would have it down.

10. My car is a piece of shit.

11. My husband is in an awful mood.

12. I had an anxiety attack and just wanted to jump off a bridge.

So, yay me.


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