Crap I’ve been doing while not here

29 Sep

Last Friday I turned thirty. That’s right, officially an adult. No more excuses based on my age to submit for my general jackassery. I had a cake:

This wasn’t it.

Also, on my birthday, I do what a lot of old people choose to have done because of failing eyesight associated with being almost dead. I had Laser Vision Correction surgery. Yes, I spent about 30 seconds of my birthday with multiple lasers beaming into my eyeballs. It was oddly relaxing, probably because lasers are common place for aliens. Or maybe it was the Valium.

That same day the husband, the one I am still married to and staying married to (yes, I know that is a prepositional error, bite me), had his meds switched by the VA. All I am going to say is EFF YOU VA, for ruining my birthday.

Also, the husband started coming down with flu-like symptoms due to a flu shot, again from the VA. He was whiny and sickly all weekend. In fact, he still is. Still nauseated and a general bear, most likely due to the fact that life is about to change drastically for us.

If you are thinking, “baby,” fucking keep on thinking.

No, we are moving. Losing the house actually. Good stuff. I should be embarrassed by it, but I’m not. Sometimes life just sucks. Okay, most of the time, life just sucks. We aren’t going to be homeless. We are fortunate in that respect, but things will still suck for a while.

Additionally, we got the call on Tuesday we have been waiting for (again, I know). Z has been accepted to the inpatient PTSD treatment called The Pathway Home. He will be leaving in just under three weeks. With that welcome news, things just went on a serious time crunch.

Hello, Life, thanks for another gut punch.

I have also been wasting a fair amount of time on Pintrest. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you check it out. You can follow me there just by using my name.

On Sunday, due an ill-timed (and aren’t they all) flight delay, I got to meet Ms.Torrey Shannon, which was truly a highlight. We hung out at the Starbucks in the airport and griped about our husbands’ experiences with the VA. Fun times.

Oh, also, I have this job thing that takes up a lot of time, so I have been there too.

I know this has not been organized in any recognizable way, but neither is my life at the moment. Or ever.


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