Lazy Teacher checking in

27 Jun

I have been busy this summer. Crazy, I know. You always hear those pundits saying how teachers are so lazy in the summer and don’t do anything and how they have it made. Let me tell ya, they are so right. Of course, by right, I mean not center and certainly not left.

I have been researching new teaching strategies, lesson planning and creating and reviewing my plans from last year. I am also slated to take a seminar next month, that I am paying for out of my own pocket. Yeah, I am totally lazy.

Now, for the real news. I have had family in from out of town for the last few days. The handsome gent standing behind my sister and me, is my fantastic Uncle Mark. He came in for his 30th high school reunion from Palm Springs. I haven’t seen him in three years and he is my favorite grown-up so I have been spending as much time as possible with him while he was in town. He left last night 😦

Then of course you have my adorable niece in the photo, one could argue I have spent a tiny bit of time with her has well. She is five months old now and I am in the process of making her some organic baby food for when the time comes in a few weeks. Yes, I am that aunt, judge away, then kindly go take a long walk off a short pier.

I am also working on keeping my Wounded Warrior husband sane and taken care of. Which by the way, today is National PTSD Awareness Day. Spread the word; it could save a life. Along this same vein, I am gearing up to take off to a WWW retreat next week and meet spouses in the same situation and learn skills and obtain some tools in dealing with this injury. (See, I can be serious too).

Last week Erica Goode, with The New York Times came out and interviewed Zac and I about our experience with law enforcement and the judicial system with PTSD. The interview went well and we are hopeful it will put some serious pressure on our prosecutor.

So that’s where I have been. I have been BUSY!

Oh and I need to get started cleaning my basement and writing that damn book.


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