Words aren’t adequate today

23 May


The above video was taken inside a gas station last night as customers hunkered down in the walk-in cooler as the multi-vortex tornado ravaged Joplin, MO last night. The video is mostly audio and is quite chilling.

This is a look at the devastation in Joplin. Houses, businesses and even the largest hospital, St. John’s have been reduced to match sticks. Official death toll is at 89; that is surely to rise in the coming hours. Hundreds of people are unaccounted for. The destruction is massive. This is the deadliest tornado since 1953.

The all call for emergency and medical personnel came out last night about 6:30 pm Central Standard Time. My brave husband wasted no time in packing his gear and heading south. Luckily he is on his five day break from the firehouse. He called me around 3:00am to tell me how bad it was and what he was doing. He said, “Cars aren’t just bent in U shapes around trees, they are literally curly-cued around them.” Incredible.

If you would like to help with relief efforts, please contact your local Salvation Army, as they seem to have a better track record than the Red Cross as of late. For now, keep the good people of SW Missouri in your thoughts and those working so hard to save and recover those affected. A large, hail-producing thunderstorm is currently moving through the area, with Joplin a direct hit.


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