Things I hate, part II

18 May

Because one list just isn’t enough.

  1. Girls under 16 years old wearing make up.
  2. Obviously permed hair.
  3. Black shoes with brown pants or visa versa.
  4. Sniffling; just blow your damn nose.
  5. Repeating myself.
  6. Animal abusers.
  7. Birds.
  8. Parents who want to be their kid’s friend; that’s lazy parenting.
  9. Pictures of newborn babies; they look like mummies.
  10. People who bitch that teachers make too much money; we don’t.
  11. Shitty drivers.
  12. Racism.
  13. Laziness.
  14. People who refuse to embrace spontaneity
  15. People who get rid of their pets when they have a baby; it’s irresponsible.
  16. When lights are left on in an empty room.
  17. Tattle tales.
  18. People who use words of which they don’t know the meaning.
  19. Parents who have no outside interests.
  20. My husband’s mother, whom I have never met but she screwed him so badly.
  21. Eating food in bed.
  22. People who make rude comments on what someone else is eating.
  23. Snoring! Makes me want to vomit.
  24. The mother fucking Westboro Baptist Church!
  25. Procrastination
  26. Allergies.
  27. People who state the obvious as if they discovered gravity. No shit, you’ll go splat if you jump off the balcony. Why don’t you give it a shot?
  28. The last few days of the school year. No one wants to be here.
  29. The fact that the family members you really love are always so far away. Then, I guess, that is probably why we dig them so much.
  30. Mood swings!

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