Ever want to call someone a

15 May

Punk ass bitch?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.  There are just certain people in the world who are punk ass bitches.  Punk ass bitch generally refers to someone who likes to argue without skill, fact, or reason.  I simply cannot tolerate these morons.

If you are going to argue with me, you better be prepared.  I am relentless and I understand logic and reason. This makes my husband livid, because he simply cannot argue.  He doesn’t even try anymore, making him exempt from the label of punk ass bitch.

There are people in this world that do not grasp this concept.  In order to argue intelligently, you must not rely on emotion or feeling, because like I tell my students, no one cares how you feel. The only things that matter in argument are reason, logic, and fact. Punk ass bitches fail in all three areas. Likely more.

Now, the next time you encounter a punk ass bitch, engage them in argument and you will win. Bonus if they start making false accusations and spewing cuss words. I will send you a trophy if you can prove you made your unworthy opponent cry.


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