I failed

8 May

to put on sunscreen today. My shoulders and arms are beet red.  They hurt. I am a dumbass.

Now, as a pasty princess, I always put on sunscreen of 100,000 SPF whenever I know I am going to be outside for extended periods of time. Today, I lacked that forethought.

I have been outdoors almost all day with Zac as he works on his truck. Additionally, I took a dog for a run and I was wearing a tank top. We had a clear day in NW Missouri, our first of the year with temperatures in the mid-80s. All of these things will combine in four days to provide me with a lovely, itchy, peeling snake skin. And probably freckles.

I am pretty pissed at myself because I don’t care for skin cancer or wrinkles, and I really despise freckles.  I know better and yet my mind was on sabbatical this morning and I stepped into the sun’s rays without proper protection.

Because I am blonde and therefore forgetful, I have now put in reminders in my phone to apply sunscreen every day from tomorrow until July 2013 since my piece of something HTC ARIA wouldn’t go any farther.

Oh and Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers out there. And Happy Kickass Women’s day to those who are spawn free.


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