Of course you knew I would comment

2 May

He is dead. Yippee! He is out of our misery. After a swift burial at sea, he is now likely shark chum. I am okay with that. I trust most of America is too.

A job well done by our Navy Seals Team Six.  You successfully completed what is likely the greatest mission of your days. Good work guys. Even though we don’t know your faces and likely never will, you are heroes in our eyes.

Now, with all of the gratuities out of the way, I must state WE ARE NOT OUT OF THE WOODS and the WAR IS NOT OVER. The president has warned us, not that he needed to as most of us can apply simple logic, to expect retaliation or attempted retaliation of some sort. Travel advisories for Americans traveling abroad have been posted. Military and government installations are at an elevated security level Bravo.

Bin Laden is a trophy of sorts, a symbol for evil and we can rejoice in his fiery demise, but where one terrorist dies, three more pop up in its place. The war on terror is not over, but we have certainly claimed a significant victory with this.

And remember, always:


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