I couldn’t have done this

1 May

if I had kids.

This is what I did all day. I lounged in bed with dog. Sometimes dogs. I slept in, ran to the store, came home and napped. Played on the internet and napped. It has been lovely and I couldn’t have done this if I had kids. Huge perk.

I have to say I would spend every single weekend day like this if I could get away with it. I got the husband off to work early and he was pissy with me per the usual lately, so this was a welcome way to spend my day.  I relaxed and purged myself of some shit, figuratively, because I was in bed.

It was seriously the most refreshing day I have had in a long time. No one hollering my name. No one asking me for anything. No feelings of guilt that my house is unclean. No grading papers. It was very liberating.

Now, kids would not have appreciated this day of sloth. Kids like to do things. Evidently they like to eat and subsequently like to make messes.  Kids would not have been quiet because they are noisy fuckers and they would have come in my room approximately every two minutes saying, “I’m bored.” They would expect me to do something about that. Yeah, that isn’t happening in my house.

This was a glorious childfree day and I know I have made the right choice in not procreating.


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